Who is Rip-It Sports?

When Mike Polstein’s daughter was hit in the nose by softball he went on the search for a mask that would protect her. Everything he found was too bulky and impeded her vision. With that Rip-It sports was born. Mike created a design for an in-game face guard that would be comfortable and increase the field of vision. Soon he made one for his daughter and everyone else wanted one too. Now Rip-It has grown into one of the most popular brands for softball gear for both women and girls.

Rip-It Sports is based out of Florida and is able to ship the same day when orders are placed before 3 pm EST.

How to Buy
Rip-It Sports Products

We recommend you work through a dealer.  Better pricing is usually available through dealers than on manufacturer websites.  Plus, a good dealer will take the time to understand exactly what your needs are and get you exactly what you need.

In fact, we view our customers as clients.  Our service is more like a concierge service that you will actually enjoy.  Need proof?  There are several ways to let us know exactly what you need right now.

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At Rhino Goods Athletics, we can help.  We are proud to work with Rip-It Sports and can get you any of their products at any quantity and at a better price than anyone else on the web.

Still not sure?

If you still are not confident enough about Rip-It items, or just aren’t ready to connect with us now, please take a moment to look through the various items they offer below.  We’re sure you will find what you want and we’ll still be here ready to help anytime!

Examples of Rip-It Products

Below are just some of the Rip-It products we can get for you.