Jaypro Basketball Systems & Poles

Jaypro Basketball Systems & Poles


Jaypro offers both heavy duty indoor and outdoor basketball systems.  Our outdoor hoops come in adjustable height systems ranging from 5 1/2′ to 10′ in height and goosenecks or straight poles.

Our model 996-PERF-SG features a 4.5″gooseneck post and a perforated steel backboard and are 996-AC-UB features an acrylic backboard with breakaway rim. With so many options to choose from you’ll find one that’s right for you. And protective padding is available for all pole types.

Our indoor systems are professional grade and are available in portable options which enable the pole and extension to fold down for compact storage like models PBEL96 and PBB-200 basketball systems.  They have breakaway goals and protective padding can be customized to your color of choice.

We also offer ceiling suspended systems like model N68GB which is a stationary wall mounted system or model U810GB which is a fold-up system. Or there are those which can be controlled manually or with an electric height adjuster kit model GBCS-EHAKS.

Contact us so we can discuss what you need for your facility or request a quote here.

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