Jaypro Basketball Backboards & Goals

Jaypro Basketball Backboards & Goals


Jaypro offers a full line of backboards for whatever your needs may be.  Our unbreakable rectangular glass backboard (models GBRUB-42 or GBRUB-54) is NCAA and NFHS compliant and engineered to transfer the impact load to the lower steel frame without putting stress on the glass.

We also offer backboards in glass conversion like model GCBB-35, perforated polycarbonate, acrylic (model ACRB-72M), the steel 850RB-BB, and perforated steel or aluminum like models AL-PERF or SR-PERF.  And since you’ll need a basketball post, we have a full line of collegiate goals for both indoor or outdoor use.

Feel free to request a quote for what you need or contact us to talk with a specialist.

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