Who is Bownet Sports?

Since 2007 Bownet Sports has been producing sporting goods equipment. They specialize in manufacturing training nets for soccer, softball, baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, volleyball, handball, field hockey, golf, pickleball, and cricket.

The founder of Bownet started the company as a soccer coach who was tired of dealing with and wearing out Pugg type goals. He saw a real need for something better and more durable…..And then Bownet was born. They’re built on the philosophy of portability, durability, and easy set-up and take down. With all their nets designed to be set up in 30 – 180 seconds you won’t find anyone else that compares. Bownet training nets are great for youth sports yet built well for use by collegiate and professionals as well.

How to Buy Bownet Sports Products

The best way is to work through a dealer.  Dealers such as Rhino Goods Athletics can often offer better prices.  Plus, a good dealer will take the time to understand exactly what your needs are and get you exactly what you need.

In fact, we view our customers as clients.  Our service is more like a concierge service that you will actually enjoy.  Need proof?  There are several ways to let us know exactly what you need right now.

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Bownet is based out of California and is able to ship all orders in 2-3 business days.  So please contact us and we can get you the products you need quickly.


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At Rhino Goods Athletics, we can help.  We are proud to work with Bownet Sports and can get you any of their products at a better price than anyone else on the web.

Still not sure?

If you still are not confident enough about Bownet Sports products, or just aren’t ready to connect with us now, please take a moment to look through the various items they offer below.  We’re sure you will find what you want and we’ll still be here ready to help anytime!